Our goal for the current GoFundMe funding request and Flamingo Flocking fundraiser is to raise $5,000 annually. This will allow us to get as many of our eligible students to the International Competition in Massechusets this summer as possible. 

School district policy does not allow student and coach expenses for international competitions to come out of the district’s general fund, so fundraising is a critical issue for the FPS students, families and coaches. Please click the GoFundMe link below to make a donation and/or click the Flamingo Flocking page to flock a friend! And don't forget to view the holiday and special recognition flockings that are available.

FPS of Flagler County is accepting the following donations...

Flamingo Flocking:

$40 for a large flamingo flock (30 birds) 

$20 for Anti-flocking insurance (make sure you don’t get flocked)

Sponsor Opportunities:

$100 to $499 - Community Sponsor

$500 to $1,999 - Gold Sponsor

$2,000 plus - Platinum Sponsor

Click here to see our current sponsors:

We would like to that our sponsors for their support!



American Legion - Post 115 Palm Coast, FL

State FPS Organization:

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